Looking at MC now, it’s hard to imagine him as the shy and skinny guy he once was when we first met him. It was through his friend and AAG model, Ray, that we met MC and back then he was in his “party phase” where he gave up the gym and the athletic life he once had for partying.

It wasn’t too long after meeting AAG and getting inspired by Ray that he took the road less traveled, back to the healthy lifestyle – overhauling his diet and hitting the gym. He had a very clear goal and was determined to reach it.

It didn’t take too long for MC to get to the physique he is in now. A solid 5’10”, 170 lbs of muscle, ripped and ready to shoot Michael C is ready to show off the result of his hard work and dedication here on AAG.

As our newest model, MC is evidence that even if you get sidetracked in your fitness goals, there’s always a way back.

Be inspired by MC’s videos and photos by joining AAG today.

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