He’s 6’1” and when he’s not smiling can seem like an intimidating fashion model. But Corey Cann is actually a down-to-earth, funny and cool guy. He loves handstands and hat tricks and has a well-balanced approach to life. He knows when to take things seriously and when to be carefree.

Corey has that sexy boy-next-door kind of look, it’s effortless for him to look good. As soon as the camera strikes his face, Corey can go from goofy to high-fashion blue steel, when it comes to his projection. The newbie model, who just started modeling a year ago, has already caught the attention of some movers and shakers in fitness, fashion and entertainment. His great personality, amazing physical qualities and sheer determination are some of the traits why we can say, Corey Cann will go places.

There’s a lot more to Corey Cann that meets the eye and you can see it in his videos which you can find today when you join AAG.

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