If Darren Criss is 10x hotter, has amazing abs and an appeal that’s second to none, then that final, way better evolution of the actor has to be Anthony Logger!

The original cast member of AAG’s College Muscle Showcase is back to showcase his new look, which makes him a perfect but way better look-alike of the TV celebrity. As an AAG regular and one of the top models of the site – he just keeps looking better and better. And he’s not afraid to show this off.

He claims to be the outgoing and sometimes crazy type of guy; at one point strutting the streets of his home state, Florida, buck-naked. Not that anyone is complaining, but the fitness hunk has an “I don’t care attitude” when it comes to what people thinks. As long as he’s hurting nobody, he’s focused on achieving his goals and doing what he wants.

But Anthony claims, that his confidence doesn’t equate to cockiness, in fact he shares that he has a softer-caring side and genuinely loves getting to know people.

All of this should be enough for you to be convinced that you need to be on AAG to see more of Anthony Logger! Join today!

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