You’ll have to take a deep breath or a clear sigh when you see Clayton’s pictures. You’d scratched your head thinking, “Have I seen him somewhere?” You’d be surprised he hasn’t appeared in any TV or films yet, because he just has that photogenic and telegenic trait. That look you know you must have seen in a chic flick or a soap opera.

In fact, it seems that Clayton has the personality of an up and coming celebrity too! He loves people and enjoys sharing what he knows, especially about fitness and health. “I’m 21 years young and my passion is wrestling and helping people to realize their true physical potential. I’ve been working hard practically my entire life to stay fit and stay physically prepared for anything, today I’m finally here to share it with everyone,” says Clayton.

Well, we’re sure glad he’s finally here and we’re certain there’s more to come from this young male model with an incredible appeal!

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