Wild and crazy would definitely be words to describe Cory. Originally from the state of New York, Cory has traveled the good old USA and has finally made Florida his home, where he’s pursuing his studies, staying active and terrorizing young women everywhere. Well, not really terrorizing, we’re only kidding. But Cory does have an affinity with women, and more often than not, they reciprocate.

How does Cory stay active? Aside from going to the gym a few times a week, you can catch him chillin’ with his buds, including College Muscle’s Stu. The usual activities? Let’s see…. going boating, surfing, partying at the clubs in Central Florida’s Ybor City.

But there’s more to him than just having fun. Cory does have a mellow and intense spiritual side that helps him stay grounded.

He’s a thoughtful, witty, and spontaneous individual, often making other people around him smile. To see more of Cory:

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