Aaron can be described as tough, strong and confident. He started off with an average muscular build early in his teens and worked his way up to a solid, well built and ripped physique in his now early twenties.

He’s an easy going guy with lots of personality and spunk. Aaron is not afraid to rise to any challenge and is a hard worker.

This young man enjoys working with the cameras and even giving creative input. His photogenic qualities are evident in the photos taken.


Matt can be described as cool, calm, and lots of fun to be around. Matt was discovered by one of All American Guys’ web admins on a popular Internet portal.

He is very much into cars, video games, and all sports. Baseball and football are two of his passions.Not too long ago, Matt made a brief appearance on the syndicated Ricki Lake Show, as part of a dating game segment.

Unfortunately the “dates” weren’t up to par with Matt’s high standard in women. And we agreed! Aside from hogging the spotlight on TV and Internet, Matt also enjoys working out and keeping fit.

These guys are best friends and great posing buddies. To see more photos and videos of Aaron and Matt: 

































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