All American Guys’ lead photographer Michael A. Downs recently did a photo and video shoot with super hunk Todd Sanfield. The shoot took place in South Beach, Miami, FL and showed a different side of the well known male model. He was playful and uber sexy as usual, but there was also another dimension with Todd during this production. His demeanor was more relaxed and casual and he did something which he’d never done before during a photo shoot– Todd actually got in the water and splashed around, basked in the Miami sunlight surrounded by crashing ocean waves. It was something Todd had always wanted to do, being that he was so accustomed to shooting practically naked. He wanted a more “all american” touch to his images.

The photo shoot yielded some stunning images which will make their way onto the pages of All American Guys’ Members Area this week. There were also plenty of super hot video footage as well. There are currently four video productions of Todd on the site.  AAG Members, Click Here to View More.

Now Todd is not just satisfied being a male model. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, and so it was only logical that he would make the next move— starting his own underwear line. Read more about Todd in his own words, below and check out the links as well, which include a link to Todd’s most recent book collaboration with photographer Kevin McDermott.

Todd on in His Own Words:

“There was a time when I thought I would never be photographed again. I started my modeling career right before I graduated from Michigan State University. The semester before I finished, I did my first job. After this I moved to NYC to sign with IMG models. I learned a little more about myself and what I wanted in life. I learned to love the fashion industry, everything about it. I also learned what I wanted from life at that time, an education.

My undergrad was pre-medical coursework with my degree being a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. I knew I wanted to do science, but no longer animal science– even though I’m still a BIG TIME ANIMAL LOVER! I wanted to learn more about the human body– how chemicals react with it, and learn to help people. That is when I chose Pharmacy as a course of study.

After spending two years in NYC, I made the move back home and started working to get into the program. It took two years of pre-requesite coursework before I was accepted in the Doctor of Pharmacy program (PharmD). While I was pursuing this, I never thought I would take a picture again, as all of my effort was focused toward school. Then one day it happened– I wanted to be a part of the fashion world and underwear was what I knew best.

I think subconsciously I always wanted to be a part of the creative side, but the only way I knew how, was through the modeling industry. My mom has always been very creative and I take after her. Currently, I am finishing up my second year of Pharmacy school with two more years to go– in addition to juggling my Todd Sanfield underwear line.”

In addition to his underwear line, Todd is the exclusive featured model in Kevin McDermott’s current book “Motel Hotel”. It features nudes of Todd shot exclusively for the book. Pretty sexy stuff we must say.

Todd says this about the book:

“The MOTEL | HOTEL book is truly special to me. It is a photographic essay taken of me in my most comfortable setting, my hometown, Detroit, Michigan. When we did the shoot, this book was not planned. I really don’t even know how it happened. I told the photographer, Kevin McDermott, before the shoot that it needed to be sexy…VERY SEXY, and that was it.

After seeing the photographs we realized how special the shoot really was. It was over the top sexual, but in a classy, refined way. We took the nude and re-defined it! With modeling your body, nudity comes into play. But sometimes the nudity is done in an unsophisticated way where it is almost pornographic. I knew there was going to be a time for me to completely nude in photographs, where nothing would be hidden. When that time came, I wanted to make it a point to reveal myself in a way that was true to myself and shot the right way.

Kevin McDermott’s photographic skill was able to capture this in the best way possible. His photos are artistically beautiful and yet over-the-top sexy. When you look at these pictures, you don’t see a naked guy. I am not even sure how to describe it. I guess the only way to find out is to buy the book and see for yourself.”

Check out Todd at the following links:!/tsanfield

About the Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection:

Todd Sanfield is delivering you the most sophisticated, cutting-edge design and the latest trends in his high-end underwear collection. Classy, elegant and most of all sensual can best describe the look and tone of the line. His commitment is to guarantee superior comfort in fit, and to set the standard of ultimate quality and durability. The line is made with the finest blend of cotton and each pair of underwear is personally designed and inspired by Todd’s unique sense of style and character, which sets this collection above the rest.

AAG Viewers’ Discount:
Todd sends a shout out to all his AAG fans and is grateful for being a part of our community. He’d also like to extend a special 20% discount for AAG members who purchase his underwear brand. Visit the underwear site: and when you purchase, use promotional code: AAG


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