What makes a guy an All-American Guy? Is it the gleam in their eye or the killer stare? The cocky swagger or the coy smile? Perhaps it’s the barest hint of mischief lurking within their seemingly reserved personalities. Or is it simply the smokin’ physique… the bangin’ bod…the six-pack, eight-pack, and in some amazin’ cases, ten-pack abs?

Hell no, it’s the total package. A sizzling mix of all the above, plus that extra sexy quality called charisma, of a dude owning his space with absolute authority, oozing confidence and inner strength. Very few guys, let alone men, have it. But when they do, watch out, man! There’s no stopping these boys from blowing you away each time you catch a glimpse of their rockin’ good looks.

It takes more than just surface cred to excel as a top AAG model. It’s also in the attitude. The whole nine yards. Just being eye-candy won’t cut it. An All American Guy has to stand out in a crowd, yet still be just one of the boys. He can’t be some loner who thinks he’s above the fray. He has to be the absolute center of attention without demanding it. In a nutshell, it’s all about presence.

Think of one of AAG’s best-known models: Josh O. Who can resist the aura this hunk gives off? He brims over with a sense of masculine self-assurance that is rare and palpable. Sure he’s got a dynamite build that makes you want to race to the gym and put in a few hours with the dumbbells to pump up your own muscles, but it’s how he handles all that he has that sets him apart. He makes it look effortless. And then there’s that face. That friggin’ jaw line. The iconic profile. Like some Hollywood movie star of yore. Granite. Solid. Virile. He’s the quintessential All-American. A man’s man that everyone is drawn to. Not too many of those out there.

Take Matt Stone. He’s got all of that in spades. It’s there in his finely chiseled features, the bulging arms, the ripped chest, the V-line that never quits, the rock-hard abs, the shredded legs — not to mention that killer face. Plus he’s smart as a whip. Matt never takes a bad picture. He’s a model who knows how to work it from every angle.

So too the Doc: Ivan R. — handsome, sensuous, with a stallion’s grace. Passion oozes from his every pore. That hair, those eyes, the impish grin. And so much more! There’s a little edge to his laugh that lets you know he’s no fool even when he’s just kidding around. He’s always out for a good time, but only if it adds something unique to his experience. There’s nothing idle about Ivan. He’s a man of the world, but one who never seems jaded.

Another long-haired hunk, Justin Z., has a similar, other worldly appeal. A Blond Adonis with a finely tuned swimmer’s build, a fashion model’s sense of style, and a surfer’s laid-back cool, he exudes glamour even when he’s just kicking back, chilling with his brahs. Part Native American, Justin has perfect skin, classic bone structure and a fiery spirit under that suave demeanor. No wonder he’s one of AAG’s most-sought after models.

One could write a book about that other top AAG model, Gary T. He’s definitely all-man, yet always the gentleman, with a soft-spoken Southern drawl. His body is an eye-magnet, in a typically super-sized American way. And boy does he know how to show it off. But he’s never in your face about it. He commands your attention by seducing you subtly, without having to lord it over you.

On the other side of the scale, there’s Hunter S. He bristles with youthful energy, a playful insouciance and a quick wit. Hunter’s the kind of guy you’d want to hang with on a rainy day or go paint-balling with. There’s never a dull moment with Hunter around.

Brock brims over with personality too, not to mention an actor’s powerful presence. He brings everything he’s got to the party. And what a swell party it is! Anthony C. is a serious cut-up — cute and cocky — with a strongly sensual side. But you can tell he’s a guy you can trust, despite the ballsy bravado. And he’s got the best put-on Australian accent going.

Some of the most intriguing AAG models win us over with an air of mystery. John M. is the top dog of that moody crew. Devastatingly handsome, with an athlete’s composure, he is a bit more reserved than the others. But give him a chance, and he dazzles with his blue-green eyes, daring us to delve even deeper.

But why single out just the long-standing AAG stars? The newer models bring a whole different dimension to AAG. Edgier, cooler, and a helluva lot cockier to boot. Tyler H. has that puckish face and that smooth bubbly personality. But he’s got that wicked smile that tells us he knows how to have a good time, all the time, 24/7, which is just how we like it. Clayton, Tory, Jason T. and Nick B. are all AAG rock stars too. They lure us in with their brooding, dark good looks — brazen, bold and big as life.

Few can challenge, AAG Model of the Year, Adam A. for perfection of form, classic physique, and natural ability in front of the camera. He may not crush you in a bear hug like another perennial favorite, Kent, would, but Adam wins you over merely by arching an eyebrow. He knows he’s the top and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

Some of the newest members of the fold: Tyler A., Andrew O., and Ben, show the same promise as the most popular studs who came before. So too a brand new kid, Gary, who is tatted-up, jacked, and ready for anything that comes his way. Bring it on!

But it’s up to us to let them know how much we appreciate these studs for sharing their special qualities with us. An AAG star isn’t made overnight. The best and the brightest rise up over time, compelling us to keep our eyes glued on their progress, inviting them to come back again and again. Cause that’s what the hottest AAG models do best. They challenge us to sit on the edge of our seats and stare in awe, yearning for more. It’s an All-American Guy thing. Check out all of the awesome men now in the Members Area.

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