Victor Cruz Delivers a Knock Out Impression

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Victor’s eyes will grab you in an instant. The amateur boxer looks like Kellan Lutz and they both share the appeal that has made both of them intensely attractive. Possessing a fair 5’9” built, Victor is 176 pounds muscle and has a strength that endures the toughest of challenges.

As a male model, Victor brought his a-game and performance level self when it comes to his shoot with AAG. His amazing knock out performance gives you an inspiring glimpse at his fantastic physique, beautiful face and phenomenal personality.

Check out Victor’s AAG profile and you’ll understand why we say you’ll get a knock out impression of him!

More of Adam and your favorites!

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We’ve got updates on a bunch of your favorites this week. Log in to check out some never before seen photos of Victor, Adam, and Lorenzo. Also, check out some of the advanced pics of newcomer Billy!

Videos this week feature Adam “The Adonis” A., Ronald, Billy and an extended “Best of Jason T.” hot and sexy heatseeker!

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!



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Have you checked out the hot new photos of Brock, Courtney, Victor? How about the 8 new videos added of Nick B. pumping up in the gym as well as Jeff, Joey K, Tory, and Clayton fighting it out in a tug-o-war on the beach?

We’ve added all of this and more over the past week. How about some pics and video screen shots as an appetizer? Then why not log in and check things out for the main course?


Anthony Goes Australian

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Jasen V.? Check. Nick B.? Check. Jeff Grant? Check. New pictures posted of all these guys and more this week. And check out Sami’s official debut – new hot photos. Also, new videos released featuring Sami’s studio shoot, “Getting to know Victor”, and a hilarious video of Anthony C. making a midnight 7-11 stop for some green tea before heading out as an Australian hunter down by the lake and then climbing up a tree to catch some sleep in his tree house!

Check out some previews below!


Rafael and many more

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Rafael, Anthony C, Courtney, Jeff Grant, Devon, Victor, Joe K., and a face from the past, Wyatt. New pictures and videos of all of these AAG models and more have been added this past week. With so many new videos posted why not share some screen clips to for you to preview. Check em out below!


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