Tyler Anthony Returns Sexier Than Ever

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Tyler is the boy the next door type who is unaware of how sexy and handsome he really is.  Girls swoon and throw themselves at him, and he sometimes seems oblivious.  He debuted on AAG a few years back, and now makes a return to the site with a new clean-cut look and a few extra tats.  Check out more of him in the members section.

Gymnast, Model & Certified Gym Junkie, Tyler Anthony

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Tyler Anthony’s smile will surely melt your heart but his athleticism and discipline will definitely wow you. The gymnast, male model and personal trainer not only have some amazing potential as a male model, but also possess some neat acrobatic skills that show off how flexible he is.

Our wide selection of videos featuring Tyler includes a series of videos where you can see him working out his legs, biceps, and abs plus a feats of strength video that will leave you impressed and inspired with his athleticism.

Come join us today and see what you’ve been missing.

He’s acrobatic and flexible…He’s Tyler Anthony

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Tyler is a competitive fitness model with hopes of one day becoming well known in the world of modeling and fitness.  He’s a college student, personal trainer and recently began dabbling with modeling.

He is both reserved and outgoing and usually takes things in stride.  In his early years Tyler trained to be a gymnast and so he’s quite acrobatic and flexible.  His hobbies include hanging out with friends, weight lifting and traveling.

Watch for more of Tyler on AAG


New Stuff From Your Favorite Guys

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Wow! We’ve released a flood of photos this week including AAG favorites Anthony C., Taylor,  Jim Weir and Tyler Anthony including a series of photos containing both Anthony AND Taylor – a real dynamic duo! We’ve also released some advanced photos to give you a sneak peek at newcomer Justin lounging out on the couch, at the beach, and in the studio!  We’ve also added a couple of new videos of Jim, Anthony and Taylor, body builder Ronald and newcomer Jay.  Tell us what you think on the message boards.

Check out some of the screen clipped previews below!  For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!


The Debut of Stefan Gatt

We’ve released lots of great stuff this week for our members including new videos of Taylor C and Jim Weir in the gym as well as videos of Tyler Anthony and Stefan Gatt.  Speaking of Stefan Gatt, we officially debuted him this week.  He has an entire profile you can check out that’s full of photos and videos.  We’ve also released seven new photos of the very well received and previously mentioned Jim Weir and five advanced photos of newcomer Josh Banks.

For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!





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