Rob, The American Dream

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Rob is a fighter and just like every man with tenacity and zest for life, it’s not easy to take this man down. A champion bodybuilder and a world-class entertainer, Rob has fanned the dreams of many – men and women like. He has inspired them, entertained them and put them in awe. This guy puts the A in Amazing.

Though we’ll certainly miss the guy, he passed away in 2007 in his sleep, he will remain an American Dream we can all admire.

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Rob S – Center Stage.

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This military guy is truly someone special. He’s put his life on the line for his country during his stay in Iraq and Afghanistan with “Operation Enduring Freedom”. His days in the U.S. Air force are now over, but he remembers them being some of the most memorable and dangerous times of his life.

Rob considers himself a risk taker, willing to try anything. He is also very active in sports, and especially enjoys hockey. And don’t event challenge this guy on the dance floor. See more of Rob S: