Stunning Ray

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Florida-born Ray S. has been one of AAG’s most popular models ever since he debuted a few years back. With his striking good looks and outgoing personality, he continues to garner interest from members and fans across the globe. Ray has a mischievous glint in his eye that shines through in all his photos, not to mention a dynamite bod that turns heads whenever he walks down the street.

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Ray started bodybuilding at the age of 17. Modeling followed soon after. He’s worked with some of the best fitness photographers in the business. Some of Ray’s hobbies include surfing, wakeboarding, traveling and just hanging out with his friends. He is also an avid weight trainer and enjoys spending time in the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Come join in the fun at AllAmericanGuys and take a look at Ray’s sizzling portfolio on AAG to see why this hottie stands the test of time.

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Promotional Video for all the fans

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We know you like seeing our promo videos, so here goes one of many more to come.

Tyler makes a big splash

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Tyler H. brings a whole new level of sexy to AAG this week with his debut including 30 photos and sexy new videos. Speaking of sexy, we’ve also added hot new footage of AAG’s very well received Markus, a powerful Tom gym video, and a behind the scenes uncensored video of Ray!

Here comes Colby!

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Never before seen photos of Josh, the gregarious Evan, Nick B. and some advanced pics of Colby, who will be debuting this week!

We’ve also added some incredibly hot new videos, including two brand new heatseekers of Nick B. and and Ray. You’ll also see videos of Evan pumping up in the gym and being sexy on the beach.

Last but certainly not least, check out the chat archives from Adam A.’s recent live video broadcast!

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!


Another Anthony – Anthony M’s Debut

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This past week Anthony M. made his grand debut. Add him to the ranks of Anthony C. Anthony G., and if you’d like, Tony C. Perhaps there’s just something about the name Anthony that makes for hot models. In addition, we’ve also added footage of newcomer Clayton. Check him out playing on the beach.

You’ll also want to check out Nick B. as he pumps some serious iron in the gym, Anthony C’s latest beach shoot (American flag included), the “Best of Steve Sabo”, and Ray and his dog playing in the grass. Check out some previews below!