Phillip, Proudly From Tampa

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All American Guys come from all over America and we have our occasional honorary AAG hunk from abroad. But we’re always proud of the models we meet from home. Meet Phillip – born and raised from Tampa, FL and home grown to the impressive physique and looks he has now. He used to be skinny but after his dad taught him bodybuilding basics 101, Phillip never stopped to hit the gym week after week.

The results speak for themselves and you have got to see more of our home boy by joining AAG today!

Guy of the Moment : Phillip

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Phillip was born in Tampa Florida. He has one younger brother and 2 dogs. Phillip started judo at age 11 and has been competing ever since.

He was very skinny at age 12 when his dad sat him down and got him into weight lifting. Now not a week has gone by without him working out. Phillip has been dabbling with fitness modeling since January 2008. He also hopes to get into acting at some point down the road. He’s currently in college, majoring in Business. Phillip also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.  To see more photos and videos of Phillip, click here.

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