AAG Classic: Patrick

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Classic is a term for something timeless and the image above of Patrick is not only a classic one, but could also well be considered most-seen image of a fitness model. It has been everywhere from postcards and magazine covers, to blogs and online magazine sites and we won’t be surprised if it will pop-up at one of the specialized Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest covering the male model niche.

The recognition that this image has received is well deserved, because Patrick is not only a man with a great physique and a handsome face, but a determined character as well. Like many fitness models, he takes competitions seriously and goes from good to great when it’s time for a shoot or when preparing for a contest.

As one of our original discoveries, Patrick is an AAG Classic model to behold and recognize. See our work with him inside our member’s site today.

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He likes working out and fixing cars – He’s Patrick

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Since winning the 2003 Super Body Teen championship, Patrick has been laying low. He hopes to also travel to Aruba in 2004 for the $10,000 International Male Model competition.

Patrick decided to put on some weight recently and plans to trim down before his next photo shoot or competition. Off season, he’s weighing in at around 190 lbs.

To see more of Patrick, go to:

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