Focused, determined muscle man Markus Ricci

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If his god-like body, which would pass as a sculpture, is any indication, Markus Ricci has worked his ass off to look great. The genetic blessings he has been naturally endowed aside, Markus’s aspiration to become the best fitness model he can be is evident simply by the way he looks. He takes that drive to another level as he soon as he’s ready to shoot. His ability to tease the camera and give off amazing expressions that results into a slew of outstanding images is a photographer’s dream.

As an individual, when Markus knows what he wants, he does whatever it takes to get there. As a model, he has accomplished many things even if he only does it part-time, primarily because of him being a full-time student. Not only has Markus worked with some of the best photographers in the field but he has also landed some great jobs including a national TV commercial.

We’ll leave you in mystery to what else Markus can deliver, but with what you’ve seen so far – we’re sure you’ll have the same reaction as us. You want more! Join AAG today to see our great set of videos and photos featuring the muscle hunk, Markus Ricci

Charisma plus great looks = Markus Ricci

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Markus is a full time college student from the state of Massachusetts and is a part time fitness model. He enjoys working out, staying healthy, and doing outdoor activities.  Markus got into modeling a few years back and has since landed some pretty cool gigs, including being in a national TV commercial.  He is a very focused individual with lots of charisma and loves playing to the cameras.

To see more of Markus, go to:

All American Guys Version 9 is Here!

OK everyone, so the wait is finally over. All American Guys version 9 is finally here and it’s chock-full of all the things we know you’re gonna love. In addition to the new look and feel, we’re also presenting a new approach to the delivery of our content. Our content is more organized, searchable and presented in a more vibrant way.

Now those are all nice things, but we know what you come here for, right? And that’s to see the hottest fitness men in America. There’s a reason FOX News calls us “one of the hottest sites in the business”. We’re coming at you strong in 2012 with big names like Stefan Gatt; scorching newcomers like Jim Weir, Corey Cann and Josh Banks and of course your favorites like Josh Ohl, Markus Ricci, Anthony Green and many more.

Look for more frequent updates, the beefiest and sexiest new models, multiple video chats throughout the week, new sections and cross platform videos that will play on your Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.

It’s going to be a pretty hot spring season as we bring you lots more and varied content, including showcases of some of the top photographers in the business. It’s a whole new AAG in 2012 and we hope you JOIN US in the Members Area to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re not a member, SIGN UP NOW to the hottest and sexiest male fitness model site on the planet!

Picture below (Drake, Taylor C, Josh O.)

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Welcome back Markus

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A whole new set of photos from Markus. Check him out in and around the pool. We’ve also released new videos including Sean H., Ryan S. (in the gym), Evan Downs shirtless on the soccer field, and Andrew O. pumping up before a competition.

For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!









What do you think?

We’ve got a new prospect for you and his name is Randy. Check out some of his preview pictures below and let us know what you think on the message boards. We’ve also added six new images of Evan Downs from his recent edgy set that you will LOVE! Videos we’ve recently added include Anthony C., Anthony M., and Markus doing crazy Markus things (like back flips off a wall).

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Brand New Brock

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Lots of new Brock added this week including nine brand new ultra-sexy photos. We’ve also released brand new photos of Evan P. and some advanced pics of Michael C.

We’ve added plenty of new Nick B. material as well. Check him out in a new video featuring him as a track runner and explaining his involvement in track and field. When that’s over, click on his next video, an aggregation of sexy-outdoor footage. Finally, check out more footage of Markus down in Jamaica shooting with Luis Rafael and a Bryan T. remake by request.

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Lots of Your Favorites

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This past week we’ve brought to you a whole new photo set of Brock along with two hot new Brock videos. We’ve also added more videos of Markus having fun in the Jamaican waters, eating breakfast and chatting with the cam, and playing around on some jet skis! Finally, we threw a little fuel on the fire with a hot new heatseeker by Thomas. Log in to check it out!

Phil Fusco Debut & More Jamaica

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Big updates from beautiful sunny Jamaica this week as well as the debut of Phil Fusco. Phil is no stranger to the modeling industry. Having appeared on several magazine covers and in workout spreads, in underwear ad campaigns, on TV he is one of the most well known models online. This week we debuted him right here at with lots more Phil photos and footage to come.

Below you’ll find reduced size image previews as well as video clippings from some of the videos added this week. Our full list of updates includes:

- The debut of Phil Fusco on AAG with lots of photos and even a heatseeker video!

- New wallpaper, featuring Phil Fusco (sample size below)

- New videos released including Markus describing the location in Jamaica and showing off poolside, Markus pumping up before a shoot, Phil Fusco’s new videos including his white-hot heatseaker, and a new video of one of our latest models, Evan Downs. We’ve also added a John M. remake video by request.

- High Definition (HD) Preview photos of Markus in Jamaica along with a teaser video. Lots more Markus footage to come!

For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!

Tyler makes a big splash

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Tyler H. brings a whole new level of sexy to AAG this week with his debut including 30 photos and sexy new videos. Speaking of sexy, we’ve also added hot new footage of AAG’s very well received Markus, a powerful Tom gym video, and a behind the scenes uncensored video of Ray!

Colby’s official debut

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Colby made his official debut and we’ve got plenty of content from him for you including a whole new set of photos and some hot new videos! Check out some pre-release footage of new model Evan Downs and the latest and greatest from the newest face at AAG, Markus including brand new pump-up gym videos!

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!



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