AAG Classic: Mark A

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Mark is impressive in many ways. His physique and character is what will get your attention. This handsome bodybuilder never stops working hard to achieve his goals, sets his sights high and makes things happen! The best overall winner at the Superbody World Championship will amaze you with his gorgeous face, standout abs, boulder-like biceps and yes, a sex appeal that’s off the charts!

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With his trademark biceps, you can’t overlook Mark A.

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Having won several bodybuilding competitions, including best overall at the Superbody World Championships in Miami, Mark Alvisi is setting his heights for bigger and better things down the road.

Mark describes himself as a winner, and when he sets his mind on achieving a goal, he usually doesn’t stop until he realizes that goal. His perseverance and positive outlook are two of his biggest traits.

Below are photos that showcase Mark’s perfectly chiseled body, some photographed over the course of one year. The more recent photos of Mark in the bedroom setting shows off his more alluring side.

Of course you can never overlook his trademark biceps, with a peak and definition that would make any bodybuilder proud.

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