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The very sexy Kenny Franklin a formerMr. International Male Model of the Year. So aside from modeling, what are some of Kenny’s top interests?

“It’s kinda weird, but I like to play the stock market. I Love stocks! I’m a gambler. I do a lot of research with that and develop investing techniques. I critiqued one [technique] called The Historical Monthly Annual Return Quotient. I also enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with my friends, going to movies…the normal stuff that every college student enjoys.

The most fun I’ve had modeling so far…let see…probably The Billboard Music Awards, really….I was hired as a background model for Mystical while he was on-stage….They flew me out to Vegas for four days, put me up in a cool hotel room, paid for all my food and everything. And, you know I got to hang out with a bunch of celebrities and people I look up to for four days. During the awards show he did a performance and there were four [of us] male models that came out when he was out and then the girls came out and danced around us. That was pretty cool.”

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