Hit the clubs and go dancing with Kelly

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“Modeling has been an awesome experience for me so far in getting to do things like a pilot for a TV show, traveling to Curacao to hang out with some of the most beautiful women in the world , meeting celebrities, and meeting tons of other people in general.

It’s really awesome to get to see what else is out side of North Carolina when getting to travel.

Hopefully I will be getting to do some more traveling soon. As far as me?  I love to hang out with all my friends, go to the clubs and dance with the girls (HAHA!), and I also enjoy working out, keeping fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoy spending time with my family as well. They are what keep me pressing forward each day. I am still in college right now working on my business degree, which I have about a year left yet in achieving. Afterwards, I’m not exactly sure yet, but I hope to own my own gym or business period, as well as continuing to pursue modeling and eventually hoping to break into acting.”

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