The Smart, Talented and Beautiful KC

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How do you define a perfect guy? They have to be smart, handsome, physically fit and a gentleman. All these qualities is possessed by AAG male model, KC. He has all the credentials to impress you – Magna Cum Laude in undergrad, quarterback and captain of his college football team and a bona fide law student. Add to that, he’s immensely talented! He’s an SAG/AFTRA eligible actor and had been in a film with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. And don’t forget, he has a banging body and a handsome face that could only be described as great!

KC’s fine qualities doesn’t stop there, because he’s also very hardworking and has an A+ personality. If we can award someone on AAG an all-around super distinction for having it all, KC is definitely getting that award.

See the videos and pictures we have of KC here.

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More from KC, Anthony C , AAG Model of the Year 2009…

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We recently had a nice update of models Joe D, Adam A, Anthony C, Craig Malozzi in the gym and newcomer KC on the football field. Anthony C. belts out one of his hottest video productions to date — you just gotta see it! It really is that hot. Speaking of HOT, there’s also a new “Heatseekers H 2.0” compilation video. We’ll be really pushing this sexy brand in the coming weeks and months. Keep a look out!

We also selected the AAG Model of the Year of 2009. The winner should come as no surprise, but in case you missed who it was, here is a nice video recap below. Members get to watch the much higher quality Quicktime HD version.

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