Colin Wayne, Josh Banks and Some Sexy Prospects

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Lots of cool new updates have been added to the site recently, including the beefy Colin Wayne and Justin Busiere.  Josh Banks also has made a return to the site sporting his leanest physique yet.  And tons of new prospects are waiting in the wings on AAG that will not only blow your mind but will herald in the new version of the website (“Renaissance”) due out soon.

We mentioned in the last update that live video chats had returned to All American Guys, and so far they’ve been going great.  Members were treated to informative and fun chats with models Luke Layne and Martin recently.  Scheduled to chat this week are Justin Busiere and Tyler Anthony (two chats in one week).

Members have also been giving us their input on the site, including suggestions for new content as well as requests for remastered and un-edited raw footage.  Tons of activity going on in the members section.  Come join the fun!  Sign Up to AAG while our membership prices are still low.  If you’re a current member, LOGIN HERE.


Just some preview images for you this week:

(Josh Banks)


(Justin Z)


(Colin Wayne)





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Justin Z: From Star Male Model To Certified Lensman

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Justin Z., a passionate surfer who has fallen in love with the sport since he learned surfing several years ago is an accomplished male model. He has worked with top brands like Ralph Lauren and GQ and has shot with one of the most famous photographers in the world, Bruce Weber, of Abercrombie & Fitch fame.

Justin definitely has the looks and appeal of a model that brands would love to associate themselves with, but there is one career move that Justin is doing today that is helping him build a brand of his own. Under the instruction of Michael Anthony Downs, founder of AAG, through the MAD Visual Arts Academy, Justin is learning how to shoot the AAG-way!

His recent work was with new AAG model Josh Banks which you can see here. Justin is leveraging his modeling attainments and using the experience and skill he has from being in front of the lens, to accomplishing more in the industry behind the scenes.

Justin Z. is a star male model moving to photography and building a name for himself along the way.

Be inspired today by joining AAG to see more of Justin’s videos, images and exclusive video and photography work for AAG.

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Surfing through life – Justin Z

November 18, 2012 by  
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Justin is a recent high school graduate and plans on possibly taking a stab at college life.

In the meantime, he wants to enjoy his summer and get as much surfing in as possible.  Justin started surfing several years ago and developed a love for the sport and now it’s pretty much all he thinks about.  His favorite spots to surf are the beaches of the coast in Florida and California.

When not surfing Justin enjoys hanging out with his friends and “trying to get in as much trouble as he can”.

To see more of Justin Z, go to:


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The debut of Andrew O.

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AAG’s latest muscle guy Andrew O. debuted recently to good reviews and feedback. Check out the dozens of photos posted, in addition to his workout and posing videos. We’ve also released new material from Todd Sanfield, Tyler Anthony, Anthony C, Justin Z; and a newcomer Taylor, who’s looking like he’ll be a hit with the viewers.



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The Return of Joe D. Plus Seasons Greetings

December 22, 2009 by  
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Recently we had Joe D. return for a really cool photo and video shoot. It was shot in South Florida and Joe came looking better than ever. Check out the photos and vids with Joe, and also the latest from Adam A, Anthony C, Justin Z, and lots more.

Also, watch our Happy Holidays video now online and get a sneak peek at a model you might see in the new year. Seasons greetings to our fans and viewers worldwide!

Check out the Members Section for all the updates.


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