Josh Banks: Head-Turner

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Handsome Josh Banks joined All American Guys two years ago and is one of the biggest favorites among the membership. He is probably one of the most down-to-earth and sweetest guys you will ever meet; when he flashes his beautiful smile, you simply melt.

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This young sexy guy is from the Tampa Bay area of Florida and is 22 years old. His classic handsome looks and his tall muscular physique give promise of a great career in fashion or fitness modelling.


Josh enjoys working out; it really shows, doesn’t it? He also spends some of his downtime hanging out at the beach and doing night club promotions; Josh turns many heads in the street or on the beach strutting his stuff and he gets a huge amount of attention from people when he goes out at weekends … and who could blame them! A very popular and well-liked guy, he describes himself as a ladies man … now that’s something we can easily believe.


With over 160 photos and dozens of videos in his AAG profile, Josh alone is hours of watching pleasure. He is a natural in front of the camera and simply oozes hotness and sexiness.

Open yourselves to Josh’s tantalizing world and let him take you through a journey you will never forget.
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Dashing, handsome and ready to roll, Josh Banks

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Josh Banks is new to fitness modeling but he has already worked with some of the top lens men in the industry and is attracting everyone’s attention, especially from bloggers and the greater social web. There’s no reason why he’s not. Amazing face, perfectly chiseled body and an aura that’s relaxed but incredibly sexy makes him magnetically attractive.

He admittedly loves the attention he gets from the ladies, especially when he does nightclub promotions in Florida. Well, modeling will only lead to more attraction and attention, a problem we sure hope Josh won’t have a problem dealing with.

We’re lucky to have had the chance to work with Josh and our videos and photos on his profile shows him in various cool settings – from casual location shoots to inspiring gym shoots and sexy behind the scenes takes from his swimwear shoot…it’s all there!

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Josh Banks is one hot man!

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Josh is a full time college student and is just getting into modeling.  His hobbies are working out, hanging out at the beach and doing night club promotions.  Josh also enjoys all the attention he gets from girls when he goes out on weekends.  He describes himself as quite the ladies man.

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Plenty of New Videos Added this Week

Everybody loves videos of their favorite AAG guys right? Absolutely! That’s why we’ve spent the past week putting out some of the hottest footage of them you’ve seen to date.  This past week’s videos include Jim Weir in the gym working out and flexing (as well as other hot footage of him) and Tyler H. sexier than you’ve ever seen him before!  We’ve also released new videos of Taylor C. and newcomers Justin B, Josh Banks, and Corey Cann.  Check out some of the screen clipped previews below!

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The Debut of Stefan Gatt

We’ve released lots of great stuff this week for our members including new videos of Taylor C and Jim Weir in the gym as well as videos of Tyler Anthony and Stefan Gatt.  Speaking of Stefan Gatt, we officially debuted him this week.  He has an entire profile you can check out that’s full of photos and videos.  We’ve also released seven new photos of the very well received and previously mentioned Jim Weir and five advanced photos of newcomer Josh Banks.

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All American Guys Version 9 is Here!

OK everyone, so the wait is finally over. All American Guys version 9 is finally here and it’s chock-full of all the things we know you’re gonna love. In addition to the new look and feel, we’re also presenting a new approach to the delivery of our content. Our content is more organized, searchable and presented in a more vibrant way.

Now those are all nice things, but we know what you come here for, right? And that’s to see the hottest fitness men in America. There’s a reason FOX News calls us “one of the hottest sites in the business”. We’re coming at you strong in 2012 with big names like Stefan Gatt; scorching newcomers like Jim Weir, Corey Cann and Josh Banks and of course your favorites like Josh Ohl, Markus Ricci, Anthony Green and many more.

Look for more frequent updates, the beefiest and sexiest new models, multiple video chats throughout the week, new sections and cross platform videos that will play on your Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.

It’s going to be a pretty hot spring season as we bring you lots more and varied content, including showcases of some of the top photographers in the business. It’s a whole new AAG in 2012 and we hope you JOIN US in the Members Area to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re not a member, SIGN UP NOW to the hottest and sexiest male fitness model site on the planet!

Picture below (Drake, Taylor C, Josh O.)

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