The Towering Personality of Joseph Pride

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Joseph Pride – Bodybuilding is one of his favorite hobbies.

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Born and raised in Boston, MA, Joseph is the youngest of three siblings. He enjoys being independent, traveling and doing adventurous things.

Bodybuilding is also one of Joseph’s favorite hobbies. He began lifting weights in his early teens and has slowly but surely managed to achieve a level of physical perfection that many bodybuilders only wish they could attain.

Joseph has competed at the regional and national level in NPC sanctioned shows, and plans to increase his exposure at more of these shows in the future.

Other hobbies of Joseph include bowling, golfing and fishing. He also enjoys hard manual labor and outdoor type work. Rarely will you catch this hunk behind an office desk.

Joseph is a college graduate in construction management and plans to pursue his career in that field.

He has also decided to take a stab at fitness modeling and the entertainment industry. Especially since there is a lot of travel involved…and that being one of his favorite hobbies, well you get the picture.

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