The humble John M has a lot to boast about!

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Humility can be sexy and there’s no greater proof of that than our modest and one of our all-time classic models, John M. He has proven that being attractive and charming requires no arrogance and his modesty is not only a positive trait you can admire but also one worth emulating. There are more to him than his positive intangible qualities and his outstanding physique is proof than he got it right both on the outside and inside.

Sporting an 18-inch bicep, an enviable six-pack and an overall physical stature that makes him an athlete to look up to, John is sure to make you proud for the chance to see his humble self. As one of our regularly featured fitness models, there’s more than 80 videos featuring Jon in his AAG profile and hundreds of pictures you can enjoy and be inspired from!

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Modest and a major hunk…It’s John M.

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John M. is originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Florida.  He’s a college student and plays part time football at the semi-pro level.  John is very active in sports and enjoys working out and staying fit.

He has a quiet and reserved demeanor, and is pretty modest about his looks or the attention he gets from others. He is using modeling as a way to expand his horizons and become more comfortable in front of the cameras.  We think it won’t be long before he becomes a pro at it.

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Josh Ohl, John M return to AAG

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Two of AAG’s favorites (Josh Ohl and John M.) have had recent updates on AAG. John is as buff as ever and looks amazing in his new studio production. Josh gets photographed outdoors and in the bathtub and turns out one of his hottest video productions to date.

We’ve also had recent updates of Anthony C, and his buddy Taylor C. (an AAG newcomer). Also look for new material from Ben, Evan, Justin Z, and a future AAG model, Jeremy.

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Arm wrestling and more

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Phil Fusco is back! And we’ve got the videos to prove it. Log in and check out new videos of Phil along with Anthony C. arm wrestling. We’ve also added an edgy new heatseeker video remake with never before seen footage of Wes B. as well as Aaron Green in the gym.

Lots of new photos too. Check out an exclusive look (for AAG fans only) at the new photos produced by Michael Downs of fitness model Kyle James. We’ve also added fourteen new photos including Anthony C., Cody C., and Ben as well as a random Photo of the Moment (RPM) of John M.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the chat archives of our models giving live broadcasts to the members. We’ve added two new archives of Cody C. and Adam A.

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Lots of prospects

Last week we told you it was about to get pretty random. This weeks randomness centers around Matt Stone – check it out on the member’s side.

We’ve also added 21 new pics over the past week to include John M., Adam A., and Anthony C. (previews below). And we know how you love video of our models so we’ve added a whole new set of videos to our library of thousands. We’ve got more sexy Gary footage as well as videos of new prospects Andrew K, Kevin L, and Ian. Come on in, check them out, and let us know what you think of them in our forums!

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Hot new Nick B. and more

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Call 911! We lit the place on fire this week with incredibly scorching hot new heatseeker video footage of Nick B. (as you’ll see in a couple video screen clippings below). We also have a new set of Nick B. and John M. photos for you in the members section (sample below). New videos this week include John M., Courtney, and Gary’s “Ultimate Compilation” video by request!

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Phil Fusco Debut & More Jamaica

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Big updates from beautiful sunny Jamaica this week as well as the debut of Phil Fusco. Phil is no stranger to the modeling industry. Having appeared on several magazine covers and in workout spreads, in underwear ad campaigns, on TV he is one of the most well known models online. This week we debuted him right here at with lots more Phil photos and footage to come.

Below you’ll find reduced size image previews as well as video clippings from some of the videos added this week. Our full list of updates includes:

- The debut of Phil Fusco on AAG with lots of photos and even a heatseeker video!

- New wallpaper, featuring Phil Fusco (sample size below)

- New videos released including Markus describing the location in Jamaica and showing off poolside, Markus pumping up before a shoot, Phil Fusco’s new videos including his white-hot heatseaker, and a new video of one of our latest models, Evan Downs. We’ve also added a John M. remake video by request.

- High Definition (HD) Preview photos of Markus in Jamaica along with a teaser video. Lots more Markus footage to come!

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AAG in Jamaica!

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This past week’s updates include AAG filming footage of the incredibly sexy and talented Markus from the beautiful island of Jamaica. There is lots of footage of Markus still to come from this Jamaican shoot! We also released a dozen new photos including Thomas C., Hunter, and never before seen images of Tyler L.

In addition to all of that we’ve got new videos of some incredibly hot “like you’ve never seen him before” Evan Downs, new footage of Thomas C., video footage of a new AAG prospect, Michael C., and some more Bryan and John M. footage remakes by request.

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!