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Joe K grew up reading Men’s Health and has drawn inspiration from the magazine and other publications live a fit and healthy lifestyle. His dedication, passion and motivation is evident by the way he looks now. Standing at 6-foot and 185 lbs, Joe is a true hunk. He has great legs, incredible abs and a sharp face with steel-like jawlines!

The very magazines he has drawn inspiration from will be inspired to work with him. He is a true fitness inspiration in every right and the type of guy people look up to for attaining such a great body and lifestyle.

Be inspired by our incredible work with Joe by joining AAG.

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Have you checked out the hot new photos of Brock, Courtney, Victor? How about the 8 new videos added of Nick B. pumping up in the gym as well as Jeff, Joey K, Tory, and Clayton fighting it out in a tug-o-war on the beach?

We’ve added all of this and more over the past week. How about some pics and video screen shots as an appetizer? Then why not log in and check things out for the main course?


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Hunter and the gang

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Plenty of new photos and videos to check out this week including 10 new photos of Hunter and Anthony G. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the 10 new videos we’ve posted from Hunter, Jason V., Adam, and a scorching hot heatseaker from newcomer Joe K…

Here’s a full listing of some of our latest updates:

– New photos (10) include Hunter and Anthony G.

– 10 videos (including HD): Check out the latest from Hunter, Jason V, and Adam. Plus newcomer Joe K.

– Six(6) new videos (including HD) include: Anthony C, J-twins, Adam A, Rafael and Jon Sotirios

– New photos (Nick B, Hunter, Courtney)

– More new videos from Hunter and AAG prospect TJ


Check out a screen clipping from newcomer Joe K.’s heatseaker below and a preview photo of Anthony G. and Hunter.


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