Hot New Model Danny, Plus Joey K and Craig Malozzi

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All American Guys introduces a brand new model Danny who is turning lots of heads. He’s a personal trainer by day, male stripper by night. Interesting, eh? Then there’s the sexy Joey K, who has brand new material out. Joey is poised to break into the fashion industry and is getting lots of interested parties asking about him. Another AAG discovery going big? We’ll see.

There’s also new footage of Joe D. showing off his MMA skills in South Florida and beefy Craig Malozzi pumping iron in the gym.

So what else is new? Well, as the new year gets off to a cold and frigid start, All American Guys is cooking up some sizzling new things sure to melt your computer screens, and hopefully warm you up. Keep an eye out as Winter goes on. Stay warm!

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Pictured below: Danny K, Adam A, Video thumbnail stills


More from KC, Anthony C , AAG Model of the Year 2009…

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We recently had a nice update of models Joe D, Adam A, Anthony C, Craig Malozzi in the gym and newcomer KC on the football field. Anthony C. belts out one of his hottest video productions to date — you just gotta see it! It really is that hot. Speaking of HOT, there’s also a new “Heatseekers H 2.0″ compilation video. We’ll be really pushing this sexy brand in the coming weeks and months. Keep a look out!

We also selected the AAG Model of the Year of 2009. The winner should come as no surprise, but in case you missed who it was, here is a nice video recap below. Members get to watch the much higher quality Quicktime HD version.

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The Return of Joe D. Plus Seasons Greetings

December 22, 2009 by  
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Recently we had Joe D. return for a really cool photo and video shoot. It was shot in South Florida and Joe came looking better than ever. Check out the photos and vids with Joe, and also the latest from Adam A, Anthony C, Justin Z, and lots more.

Also, watch our Happy Holidays video now online and get a sneak peek at a model you might see in the new year. Seasons greetings to our fans and viewers worldwide!

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