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This week we’ve added 20 new photos for you including advanced pics of Sami (15 of them) and advance pics of the J-twins (5 of them). We’ve also added a bunch of videos. In them you’ll see some of your favorites and some newer guys. Check out some pic and video previews below.


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Hunter and the gang

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Plenty of new photos and videos to check out this week including 10 new photos of Hunter and Anthony G. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the 10 new videos we’ve posted from Hunter, Jason V., Adam, and a scorching hot heatseaker from newcomer Joe K…

Here’s a full listing of some of our latest updates:

– New photos (10) include Hunter and Anthony G.

– 10 videos (including HD): Check out the latest from Hunter, Jason V, and Adam. Plus newcomer Joe K.

– Six(6) new videos (including HD) include: Anthony C, J-twins, Adam A, Rafael and Jon Sotirios

– New photos (Nick B, Hunter, Courtney)

– More new videos from Hunter and AAG prospect TJ


Check out a screen clipping from newcomer Joe K.’s heatseaker below and a preview photo of Anthony G. and Hunter.


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Back in Action

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Loads of cool and sexy new pictures and videos at AAG lately. First, the J Twins are back at it with a video all about seduction (screen clipping below). You’ll also see hot new videos from Anthony C. (looking better than ever), Adam A., Jon Sotirios, and Rafael. Hot new content from Nick B., Courtney, and Hunter as well as a sneak peak at newcomer Lorenzo who will be debuting in the coming weeks. Lot’s to check out!

Remember to check out the latest videos added for members, right here.

Free photos for the fans below. In order of appearance: Courtney, Nick B., and Hunter. Also screen shot of the J-Twins Seduction video.


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