Wrestle up a good time with Hunter

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Hunter is a college student and amateur wrestler from the state of Florida.  Although he appears shy on the outside, he’s actually quite outgoing and personable.  He is Mr. popular in his circles and was named Homecoming King just a year ago out of high school.

Although wrestling is his main sport (he is team captain of his club), Hunter also enjoys other sports and activities including football and mixed martial arts.  His hobbies include going to the beach, hanging out with friends and meeting girls.

Hunter was approached by an AAG scout a few months ago, but only decided recently that he wanted to give modeling a try.   He’s looking to take his new interest as far as it can take him.

To see more of Hunter, go to:

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AAG in Jamaica!

April 19, 2011 by  
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This past week’s updates include AAG filming footage of the incredibly sexy and talented Markus from the beautiful island of Jamaica. There is lots of footage of Markus still to come from this Jamaican shoot! We also released a dozen new photos including Thomas C., Hunter, and never before seen images of Tyler L.

In addition to all of that we’ve got new videos of some incredibly hot “like you’ve never seen him before” Evan Downs, new footage of Thomas C., video footage of a new AAG prospect, Michael C., and some more Bryan and John M. footage remakes by request.

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!



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Lots of favorites!

October 26, 2010 by  
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Diversity is the name of the game this week as we release content from various models that you’ve loved over the past year. This past weeks update includes never before seen photos of Hunter, JP, Matthew, Joey K (also a brand new Joey K. video!), and Anthony C. We also released new videos of Jason T. and lots of newcomers including Clayton, Chase, and the sexy Doug P.!

We’ve included some video screen clippings for you below and some reduced size photo previews. For the full sized and rest of the photo updates as well as the full videos please log in or join AAG!



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All your favorites

May 28, 2010 by  
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This week we’ve added new videos of some of your favorite models including Hunter and Steve S…. oh, and of course the sexy Brock. We’ve also added some of the hottest pictures ever of Brock and newcomers Lorenzo and Victor. Check out a preview of some of the photos and a bunch of video snapshots below!

First, here’s a full list of our updates:

May 28: Eight (8) videos (including HD): New footage of Victor by request, Hunter, Steve S, and the sexy Brock

May 27: Eleven (11) brand new photos, include: Advanced photos of newcomers Lorenzo and Victor, and the hottest Brock yet

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Rafael’s World Debut

May 21, 2010 by  
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Lot’s went on this week. If you haven’t checked it out log in to see the latest updates including more new videos featuring Hunter and Nick B. as well as an introduction to newcomer Victor and our guest model Sammy (check him out). You’ll also NOT want to miss the world debut of Rafael (sample pics below along with a video snapshot of Victor in action at the beach!)

Our updates this week include:

– The world debut of model Rafael including a whole bunch of never before seen photos

– Eight brand new videos (including HD) featuring Hunter, Nick B. and introducing Victor and our guest model Sammy

– Ten new photos new photos including Hunter and Anthony G.


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Hunter and the gang

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Plenty of new photos and videos to check out this week including 10 new photos of Hunter and Anthony G. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the 10 new videos we’ve posted from Hunter, Jason V., Adam, and a scorching hot heatseaker from newcomer Joe K…

Here’s a full listing of some of our latest updates:

– New photos (10) include Hunter and Anthony G.

– 10 videos (including HD): Check out the latest from Hunter, Jason V, and Adam. Plus newcomer Joe K.

– Six(6) new videos (including HD) include: Anthony C, J-twins, Adam A, Rafael and Jon Sotirios

– New photos (Nick B, Hunter, Courtney)

– More new videos from Hunter and AAG prospect TJ


Check out a screen clipping from newcomer Joe K.’s heatseaker below and a preview photo of Anthony G. and Hunter.


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Back in Action

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Loads of cool and sexy new pictures and videos at AAG lately. First, the J Twins are back at it with a video all about seduction (screen clipping below). You’ll also see hot new videos from Anthony C. (looking better than ever), Adam A., Jon Sotirios, and Rafael. Hot new content from Nick B., Courtney, and Hunter as well as a sneak peak at newcomer Lorenzo who will be debuting in the coming weeks. Lot’s to check out!

Remember to check out the latest videos added for members, right here.

Free photos for the fans below. In order of appearance: Courtney, Nick B., and Hunter. Also screen shot of the J-Twins Seduction video.


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