Evan Downs, Definitely One of Oregon’s Finest

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There are three things that Evan knows about having a six-pack: 1. It’s hard to get, 2. It’s easy to lose and most importantly, 3. It helps attracting the girls. That’s the reason why despite him having an amazing physique, and yes, that very visible six-pack, he always stays on top of his game.

As a young boy from Oregon who began lifting weights in his basement, Evan said that eating the right stuff and doing cardio three days a week has been key in helping him accomplish the physique he now has.

Definitely one of Oregon’s finest men, Evan shows-off his six-pack at his members only profile on AAG and so much more! See it today.

Avid sports fan, and a sexy guy – Evan Downs

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Evan Downs is from the state of Oregon. He’s an avid sports fan and played football and basketballl in high school.  Evan is currently attending college, however is undecided on his major. He choose to take a stab at modeling to see where it lands him.  He’s somewhat shy and reserved but promises to work on getting more confident in front of the cameras.  This is Evan’s first ever photo shoot, so look for more of him on All American Guys.

To see more of Evan, go to:

Welcome back Markus

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A whole new set of photos from Markus. Check him out in and around the pool. We’ve also released new videos including Sean H., Ryan S. (in the gym), Evan Downs shirtless on the soccer field, and Andrew O. pumping up before a competition.

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What do you think?

We’ve got a new prospect for you and his name is Randy. Check out some of his preview pictures below and let us know what you think on the message boards. We’ve also added six new images of Evan Downs from his recent edgy set that you will LOVE! Videos we’ve recently added include Anthony C., Anthony M., and Markus doing crazy Markus things (like back flips off a wall).

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Phil Fusco Debut & More Jamaica

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Big updates from beautiful sunny Jamaica this week as well as the debut of Phil Fusco. Phil is no stranger to the modeling industry. Having appeared on several magazine covers and in workout spreads, in underwear ad campaigns, on TV he is one of the most well known models online. This week we debuted him right here at AllAmericanGuys.com with lots more Phil photos and footage to come.

Below you’ll find reduced size image previews as well as video clippings from some of the videos added this week. Our full list of updates includes:

- The debut of Phil Fusco on AAG with lots of photos and even a heatseeker video!

- New wallpaper, featuring Phil Fusco (sample size below)

- New videos released including Markus describing the location in Jamaica and showing off poolside, Markus pumping up before a shoot, Phil Fusco’s new videos including his white-hot heatseaker, and a new video of one of our latest models, Evan Downs. We’ve also added a John M. remake video by request.

- High Definition (HD) Preview photos of Markus in Jamaica along with a teaser video. Lots more Markus footage to come!

For the full sized HD videos and photos as well as the rest of the content we added this week please log in or join AAG!

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