AAG Classic: Drew P.

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Like all Pennsylvania native, Drew P is a die-hard Steelers fans. Black and gold stripes and terrible towels are practically sacraments for his family. His dad was a football coach and ever since, being active and staying fit was familiar for him.

He was a young teenager when he became infatuated with the gym and since then working out has been part of his athletic lifestyle. When we first worked with Drew, he was a trainer in Boston and gives personal training sessions as well as classes for women.

With his beautiful body and awesome personality, we choose to think that before Jersey Shore came into the picture or Ryan Lochte was enchanting the ladies, we had Drew P amazing our site members with his great physique and awesome personality.

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Drew P – An Original Classic.

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Drew is twenty-one years old and a sports fanatic. He likes getting sun playing sand volleyball. He is a boxer, a baseball player and a football player. He studies martial arts and works at a gym as a trainer. Of course, he is a big Pittsburg Steelers fan. Did I tell you that this guy likes sports?

On a more personal note Drew loves to be lazy and have down time?. ?I love to lie around the house and watch T.V.? he says. This is a guy who can sleep ten hours a night. If you ever visit Pittsburg you may see Drew walking around in one of the local parks checking out some of the women. He loves to people watch and he loves the ladies. With his fit body and youthful good looks I am sure his appreciation is often reciprocated.

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