Colin – An All American with a wild side

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Colin has brown hair, blue eyes and a fit body. He lives in Connecticut and enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, health and fitness, and investing in real estate.

He has already traveled to Japan, China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada and plans on going a lot more places. Although he has a four year degree in math and computer science, this all-american has a wild side. “I have lots of crazy friends around the world, he says. “I like caring, intelligent, fit people with a sense of humor.” ┬áColin only dates casually now and feels that there is plenty of time to get serious and settle down. I’ll settle down after I’ve accomplished a lot of the things I want to do.”

He spends five days per week weight training and prepares almost all of his meals himself. Yes, Colin was a high school jock. He played football and ran track. “I would have loved to wrestle,” he says “but my school didn’t have a wrestling team.”

Colin is taking a year off from college and then returning to school to get a Master’s in Finance. He has an interest in acting and fitness modeling and his favorite actor is Bruce Lee. “Arnold hasn’t done bad for himself either” he says. Maybe some day soon the three big action heroes of all time will be Bruce, Arnold, and Colin. You never know.

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