Bod and Brains – Charlie T is quite the package.

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Charlie is a quiet type, kinda like College Muscle’s Andrew. But Charlie can open up when he needs to on film. And he is quite photogenic to say the least, and really knows how to work the camera. This was Charlie’s first professional shoot ever, and he really got into it.

These images presented here were taken over the course of two photo shoots, actually. In the first set you’ll notice Charlie’s hair is a bit longer. In the second set, Charlie doubles with College Muscle’s Matt S. In these photos his hair is cut somewhat shorter. But he maintains his lean and toned physique.

Some of Charlie’s hobbies include weight training, fishing, and wresting. Notice the wrestling charm on his chain. And he’s quite good at the sport, ranking fourth in the state of Florida in his weight class during high school.

Charlie is also very ambitious, and is currently pursuing a business degree in college. He maintains a high grade point average and loves to read as well. Bods and brains too! How about that?

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