Brandon has always been a muscleman.

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Tennessee native Brandon has always been a muscleman and remembers getting his first weightlifting set when he was only six years old.”Even as a kid I was bigger and stronger than everybody else”. Brandon is new to the world of bodybuilding but has already won several titles. He  competed in the FAME/Superbody Competition in Miami where he won in the Junior Division.
Currently studying Exercise Science with a Minor in Nutrition at Tennessee State University, he has excelled in gymnastics, football, wrestling and track at different times in his life. Brandon earns a living teaching kids’ gymnastics and envisions the day when he owns his own “sports resort” where young athletes go to improve their sports game (basketball, baseball, football, etc.)

This great athlete always tries to do things for fun and doesn’t take competing seriously. “I eat a lot of fast food” he explains. “Really, with me, it is always about getting enough”. Wanting to try his hand in acting and modeling and pushed to explain his interest in these areas Brandon simply says “women”.  It sounds like the beginning of a huge acting and modeling career.

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