Petr, the gentle strongman and bodybuilding champion

Petr’s muscles are bulging like crazy. You can see it in his veins and he’s at his best shape. Although Petr has always strive to be at his best, today is a very special day. He was doing a competition when we shot him in Miami and was very determined to take a win.

In fact, he has only been in America nine months prior and has already won two bodybuilding competitions. As another honorary All American guy, Petr has a shredded physique and an attitude on life that is simply inspiring. He came to America to take his career to the next level, expand his horizons and make a name for himself in the bodybuilding circuit and fitness world as a whole.

In less than a year, adding to his two championships, he has already worked with some of the best photographers in the business and has a burgeoning personal training practice. And of course, he has been drafted to the country’s best site that determines the best fitness models there is.

He maybe a strongman competitor and one of Europe’s best bodybuilders, but Petr has a gentle heart with a fantastic character that will surely help him make it in America! Join AAG today to see more of Petr!


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