Top Guns: Drew Ater

With his movie star looks and eye-catching physique, Drew Ater has skyrocketed to the top of All American Guy’s roster of most popular models since [See More …]

A Cowboy and His Gear

Dave Thomas by Nick Romanoli Nick Romanoli has been shooting models for close to two decades, but not many people are familiar with his photography.  [See More …]

In Like Quinn

It’s been an amazing year for Quinn Biddle. In less than eight months, he’s rocketed from relative obscurity as a 22-year-old college athlete from the [See More …]

Going Virile

Changing Notions of Masculinity by Peter Renault Not so long ago a buddy and I went to see the classic Hitchcock thriller “Rear Window” at [See More …]

Who Shot J.R.?

If there were an award for being Mr. Personality in the fitness field, J.R. Wallace would be a shoe-in for the title. Standing at 5’10” [See More …]

Rollin’ Nolan

Buff and built, with a playful personality, Nolan Ritter oozes a down-home kind of sensuality that no doubt stems from his Missouri roots. Behind that [See More …]

Cool Sexy Parker

Parker is a newcomer to the AAG project. He actually hails from Canada, so not technically All-american, but we sometimes make exceptions for our neighbors [See More …]

Big Draw: Andrew

Fitness model Andrew B. exudes a vital masculinity that typifies the All American Guy look. Working out is his passion and it clearly shows in [See More …]