Todd Sanfield Turns Up the Heat: Exclusive Story

All American Guys’ lead photographer Michael A. Downs recently did a photo and video shoot with super hunk Todd Sanfield. The shoot took place in South Beach, Miami, FL and showed a different side of the well known male model. He was playful and uber sexy as usual, but there was also another dimension with Todd during this production.

Jim Weir debuts on All American Guys

Tonight, All American Guys officially debuts the sexy hunk from Illinois, Jim Weir. He’s an up-and-coming male model from Dekalb, IL. He is currently finishing his Master’s in Clinical Exercise Psychology. The very first photographer who took Jim’s photos suggested that he post some of them on All American Guys and 48-hours later Jim was on his way to becoming an AAG model!

All American Guys caught up with Jim to learn more about the model featured in the amazing images from photographer Michael Anthony Downs!

Promotional Video for The Fans

We know you like seeing our promo videos. This stylized production features some of the hottest AAG models sporting their chiseled physiques.

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Say hello to AJ

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